Get Downtown! #2

This is the 2nd story in our Get Downtown! series.  We had such beautiful weather this weekend, we got two submissions back to back. Who is going to be next?

Kristine’s Story

When did you get downtown?
Sunday, April 17

Where did you start from? 
Arbor Chase subdivision

How were you traveling?
By bike.

Who were you with?
My husband and child.

How far did you travel?
About a mile.

How long did it take?
10 minutes

Where were you headed and what did you do?
We were just going for a nice bike ride when we decided to stop at McDonald’s for lunch . My daughter had a happy meal and ate it on the way home!


Do you have any other comments, observations, or suggestions?
The best part about the trip is being able to live where there are businesses and shopping within bike riding distance. The weather was perfect and the trips are always pleasant. The only thing that could make it better is taking some friends along. We ride bikes downtown about three times a week during nice weather. We go down to Wolverine Park, Swan Creek Candles and spend a lot of time at the ice cream shop [Devine Delights]!

>> Do you Get Downtown?  Share your story here.

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